Achieva Credit Union Headquarters

Dunedin, FL

The Achieva Credit Union Headquarters project included the renovation and construction of approximately 67,000 square feet which was completed in 3 phases.

The Phase 1 scope of work consisted of the extensive renovation of 29,573 square feet of existing building converted to a hardened structure. The work included structural reinforcing of the exterior wall and roof systems and the installation of high impact glass. A building featured a new hardened structure data center which was the core of the Credit Unions operations systems.

The Phase 2 scope of work included the demolition of an existing single story structure and the construction of a new ground up two story 8,977 square foot building addition, connected to the Phase 1 building.

The Phase 3 scope of work included the complete renovation of the existing single story building and the addition of a second floor over the existing building totaling 28,455 square feet. The construction featured a new two story atrium, executive offices, conference rooms and a newly developed courtyard area. The renovations and addition work were all designed as a hardened structure with impact resistant wall and glass systems.  

Status Completed
Location Dunedin, FL
Size 67,000sf
Duration 18 months
Completed February 2014
Architect Collman & Karsky Architects, Inc.
Owner Acheiva Credit Union
Construction Type Remodel